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Flash animated meter/button option for all current and new hosted accounts


Check out our all new fully customizable hosted version of pay pal Donation Meter, we host the script for you and you can generate an unlimited number of donation meters from your members area interface, signup, login and begin, we generate you a simple peice of code to copy to your site for displaying both your donation meter and donation button and you don't need php or mysql available on your host as all the scripts are hosted by us, modify the meters at any time, check stats, add new meters, regenerate your code, place the meter on any site you wish even blogs, myspace, facebook etc (now also comes with a modified version of our standard meter graphic). (more info)

See what we've raised so far!
See How Much We Have Raised So Far See How Much We Have Raised So Far***All New***

pay pal Donation Meter Stand Alone - $39.95 $29.95

Due to popular demand we have introduced a stand alone version of our hosted donation meter script same great features and editability but its built to be a stand alone script on your site not hosted by us, great for those of you who do not wish to pay a monthly fee to use our hosted script but want all the same features.

*** Now Come With Optional Flash Meter ***

See How Much We Have Raised So Far***All New***

pay pal Donation Meter Advanced v1.0 - $9.95

The All New pay pal Donation Meter Advanced is similar to the standard version but has the added features of being more customizable, option of adding a goal to reach, viewing both the total collected, how much left to go and what is taken for paypal fees. (more info)

We Have Raised $180.00 So Far 

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pay pal Donation Meter Standard v4.0 - $6.95

PayPal Donation Meter Standard is a script allowing you to take donations online via pay pal and store a record of these donations in a mysql database, using the stored information the script generates a donation meter from images supplied depending on the level of the total amount of donations received so far. (more info)

*** Now comes with new images, set your goal and the script automatically creates values on your meter graphic so your not stuck with having the original $200 single currency meter graphic ***

We Have Raised $360.00 So Far  We Have Raised $360.00 So Far 

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